Childbirth Education

****Next series begins May 2nd, 2018! Call or email me to reserve a spot!****

Beka Blythe and I team up a couple of times a year for a childbirth education series. We absolutely love teaching these classes and highly recommend childbirth education for anyone desiring a natural birth! Regardless of where you plan on giving birth and who your provider is, childbirth education empowers couples to approach their birth experience with confidence, from a place of knowledge and understanding. The series is composed of 5 classes, meeting once a week from 6-8pm. Topics covered include but are not limited to:
  • The Natural Physiological Birth Process
  • Benefits of Natural Birth for Mom and Baby
  • Stages of Labor and Comfort Measures for Each
  • Fears Surrounding Birth
  • Medical Interventions
  • How to Protect you Birth Experience
  • Encouraging Labor Naturally
  • Birth Plans
  • Newborn Care and Procedures
  • Bonding with your Baby
  • Breastfeeding
Please contact me for more information and the latest schedule.