Midwife Attended Home Birth

As a CPM, a registered midwife in the State of Colorado, and a licensed midwife in the State of New Mexico, I provide complete maternity and home birth services for low risk women. 

Giving birth in your home with the support of midwives and your family can be a very profound and life changing experience. You are allowed to labor uninterrupted in the comfort of home, and your baby benefits from a peaceful journey in a familiar environment with minimal interventions and separation from mom. Midwives know that when mothers feel safe and relaxed, they labor more easily and reduce both the risk for complications and the need for medical interventions.

If you are interested in birthing at home with a midwife, please contact me for an interview. An interview is free and a great way to gain a better understanding of homebirth and midwifery care, and if it is the right choice for you and your family. 

Homebirth Package

As part of the home birth package I will conduct an initial exam which includes history, complete physical exam, and labs. We will meet once a month for the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. At 28 weeks you will start to come in every 2 weeks. At 36 weeks we will do a home visit at your house to discuss the birth and become familiar with where you live. From 36 weeks until you give birth, I will see you every week. At each prenatal visit I will check fundal height, listen to fetal heart tones, and check fetal positioning, as well as check your blood pressure, evaluate nutritional requirements, and emotional well-being. Throughout the prenatal period we will engage in teaching about your pregnancy, nutrition, and any routine testing that is to be done. There is a commitment to providing the time and space to address any concerns and discuss the important changes taking place within your body and in your life. I am available by phone to answer questions and am available to see you anytime you have a concern. I will be on call for your birth from 37-42 weeks, and will attend your birth at home with another midwife to assist me. After the birth I will come to your house at 24 hours and 3-4 days postpartum to monitor your healing, your baby’s transition, and assist with breastfeeding. You will return to the office at 2 and 6 weeks for continued monitoring of your and your baby’s health.