"I spent the first 3 months of my pregnancy supported by a hospital setting, and transitioning to working with Annie after that time felt like a shockingly beautiful breath of fresh air. I felt so held by the warmth and personal connection I felt in Annie's care, which I have felt throughout the experience of pregnancy, birth, and early motherhood. I was initially attracted to working with Annie because of her contagious sense of grounded ease. I felt this calm support from her throughout all of our interactions, which proved to help me relax into and enjoy the entire process. She also has an obvious deep well of expertise and knowledge surrounding birth and motherhood. This allowed me to surrender my need for control into her hands, while I simultaneously felt empowered to exercise my strength and express my needs. Annie is not the type to get in the way or force her opinion; I would imagine that clients of every kind of background would feel equally supported. At the same time, it was really wonderful to not have to overthink and consult the internet on every little decision. I so deeply trusted Annie's values and knowledge that I could easily depend on her advice. I looked giddily forward to our appointments, and I would guess that other expectant mothers feel the same. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a midwife, and hope that many more women are able to experience her capable support."  Torrey

"We are so thankful as a family for the services provided by Annie and her birth team. From the very beginning of our journey with her, she empowered and supported me through my transition into motherhood. Her wisdom and knowledge gave me the tools for the amazing experience of our home birth. Through her gentle patience, care and understanding, she allowed the most amazing natural process to unfold with no rush. As a result, my daughter was born in her waters, which I doubt would have been allowed to happen in a hospital setting, and gave us a most magical experience to remember for a lifetime. I know this has led to more appreciation on my behalf of the miracle of motherhood, and a very peaceful child. Most powerfully, the entire process with her has given me the empowerment to not doubt my mothering intuition when caring for my child, which I know will serve me long after our daughter leaves our home. Thank you so much Annie; your care and devotion to your practice is truly invaluable, and we recommend her to anyone who crosses our path pregnant."  Brewer Family

"Annie is a wonderful, thoughtful, calm, capable, well-versed midwife, and we were in great hands for the birth of our first son! Originally we started our prenatal care on a fairly conventional track, thinking we needed to have a hospital birth because our home was too rustic and rural, but still desiring a natural birth in the hospital setting. Around week 28, after becoming more and more disheartened with the conventional track we were on, while attending a great breastfeeding workshop with Dr. Joy Frazer, we met Annie and learned of a childbirth education class she was co-teaching (highly recommended!), and rediscovered the prospect of home birth. What a sweet relief! We had a consultation with Annie in our home; she gladly answered our many questions and made us feel quite comfortable and reassured. We made the switch and never looked back
. Annie conducted the prenatal visits in our home, she made us feel very well taken care of, she always welcomed and thoroughly answered any questions we had, and she clearly informed us of what to expect and how to prepare for the Birth Day. When that day came (two weeks early!) she calmly, lovingly, and professionally guided us through the stages of labor and safely and successfully helped us welcome our son into the world, from the comfort of our home. What a beautiful, magical, and empowering experience. Annie continued to provide love and support through the days, weeks, and months following birth; and she continues to answer whatever questions that arise for us as new parents. Many thanks Annie! Much love and appreciation!"  The Carey’s

"It is difficult to write a testimonial or review for Annie without being overfilled with gratitude and joy. I decided long ago I wanted to have a home birth and I am so grateful we choose Annie to join in on our adventure. I looked forward to our visits during my pregnancy and even more so after Emsley was here.  Labor was the most intense, painful and empowering experience of my entire life. Annie gave Jake and I the space we needed to journey into parenthood together; all the while, offering quiet reassurance and support to create a safe environment to bring our baby girl earthside. Pulling Emsley out of the water and to my chest was pure emotion and magic. Annie and her team calmly tended to the whole birthing process with love, confidence and skill. Annie shared her wisdom during each visit (and many many text messages) and empowered us to make conscious decisions regarding my and our baby's health. My husband and I  genuinely recommend contacting Annie if you are at all curious about home birth." Hannah

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